Do You Need Dynamic Sales Copy?

With all the marketing channels available to in today’s multimedia landscape, the challenge of getting a well-crafted sales pitch to the ideal audience in the right format may seem a bit overwhelming.

Maybe you’ve done the brochure or product catalogue, the radio ad or TV commercial or the display advertising for newspapers and magazines, but what about writing that newsletter and the explainer video script or your B2B positioning papers or B2C buyers’ guides and special reports for prospective customers? No matter what you’re doing, there is always more that needs to be done.

What’s Missing?

It’s likely that you’re spending an increasing amount of time on your social media engagement strategy, or trying to keep up with a blog that’s been needing a fresh post for ages. Meanwhile, are you contributing useful content to trade publications and industry websites, or are you lagging behind the competition in developing information marketing products?

Certainly you have a website that describes your company and what it offers, but how does it measure up to the online presence of your competitors? Is your website up-to-date, SEO friendly and strategic? Are you satisfied that your current web copy is converting your visitors into paying customers?

Here’s How I Can Help You

I’ve been serving satisfied customers for over 40 years, writing informative, entertaining, and always compelling sales copy for ad agencies, radio and TV stations, web developers and video production companies as well as corporate and small business clients. Give me a call now at 604.349.3395 or email [email protected] and let’s create a message that motivates your target audience.