Video Scriptwriting

Using Video to Promote your Business?

In the 24/7 world of YouTube and Vimeo and other viral channels, your video content is always at work, finding new audiences and influencing potential clients. Are you doing enough to bring your people and products to life by using the powerful sales tool of video?

Do you educate the public on the latest trends in your industry? What about creating “How To” videos to help people improve their skills and embrace your products? Are you telling fascinating stories about your innovative processes? Have you created inspiring profiles of your dedicated teams of highly skilled professionals? Do you show them going the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty? If not, why not?

Formulate Your Video Strategy

Whether it’s a thought leadership message from your CEO, mini-biographies for awards ceremony winners, an infomercial about a new product, a trade show loop, step-by-step explainer videos for consumers or a series of E-learning modules to broaden the skills of your staff or train new employees, video should be an essential part of your communications strategy.

As an award-winning scriptwriter, I’ve created dozens of videos for clients in conjunction with a number of Vancouver production companies and videographers. Get in touch right now at 604.349.3395 or email [email protected] and let’s make beautiful movies together.