Want To Attract More Customers?

If you need compelling sales copy, an online video script, a thought leadership article, case study or white paper, call on versatile business ghostwriter and editor Tom Ruffen to deliver the engaging content that can turn your prospects into buyers.

I help large and small companies tell their stories by writing the information products and marketing copy they need to create but do not have the time, or the in-house resources, to get the job done. So why not expand your creative marketing initiatives today?

What’s on the Back Burner?

Isn’t it time to get your marketing communications projects off the back burner with a professional writer-for-hire to capture the imagination and interest of the people who need your products and services? You can leverage your unique selling proposition quickly and efficiently by outsourcing time-consuming tasks like researching, interviewing, writing, revising and editing.

Whether you need to gain the competitive edge with effective website copywriting, a thoughtful series of blog posts, a dazzling brochure or display ad, press kit, advertorial, contributed trade journal article or trade show materials, simply give me a call at 604.349.3395 or email [email protected]

Getting Your Share

In this non-stop Information Age we live in, the competition never sleeps, so let’s get started right now. We’ll schedule a free telephone consultation about how dynamic copywriting, along with an aggressive digital content marketing strategy, can help your business achieve a greater market share.